Drink of the Week : Yuengling Traditional Lager _bb

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From “America’s Oldest Brewery” comes a seriously solid lager.  It is my “go to” beer of choice for kegs and 6 – packs for parties.  It’s light in color and a little light on  taste bud satisfaction.  But, I can throw a few of these bad boys down the hatch with out feeling bloated or full.  As if that wasn’t the best compliment I can give this beer I must say that Yuengling Lager is the best cheap beer around.  I was psyched when the brewery expanded its distribution beyond Pennsylvania.

A solid first beer and solid first review.

3 / 5  Cheers

Want to learn more ? http://www.yuengling.com/



One Reply to “Drink of the Week : Yuengling Traditional Lager _bb”

  1. I tend to find Yuengling a bit bland for my tastes. In a toss up, I’d go PBR – I think it’s got a fuller flavor. But PBR says “night of drinking,” Yuengling says “let’s have a couple with friends.” It’s laidback, better than a light beer, and doesn’t demand a ton of attention.

    Agree with 3 of 5 beers er…cheers.


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