Shiner Bock

Drink Review: Shiner Bock
Reviewer: Katy Jones


To accompany this week’s viewing of a uniquely American story “Gates of Heaven” it seemed important to select a uniquely American beer. Brewed in Shiner, Texas, this is a wholesome American as apple pie beer. Shiner Bock is a wonderful, well-balanced, sophisticated beer that makes you look intelligent when you bring it to parties, but not overly pretentious. It’s Texas roots give a sense of hometown. I find it best with lighter foods, chicken, even salad or fruit. It doesn’t have quite the heartiness for a burger pairing. (Which is not to say I haven’t done it). I recently spent about six months going back and forth to Texas and one of my favorite parts about the trip was finding this beer on draft everywhere. In Texas, it has a bit of stigma depending on where you are – in that way that sometimes people hate the sports team from the next town over – but I personally have never met a Shiner I didn’t like.

5 of 5 cheers


2 Replies to “Shiner Bock”

  1. DUDE!
    Great Beer choice this week – and great pairing of food. Katy brought over cheese and cherries. What else would you mix with the BOCK? I also will give 5 cheers!


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