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DOC: Unknown White Male
DIRECTOR: Rupert Murray

REVIEWED BY: becky b

I loved this documentary. I was absolutely captivated in the first minute. The visuals were brilliant. The cinematography was beautiful and imaginative. The story was solid and evoked constant conversation between Katy and I.

Brief: Have you ever wanted to leave your life behind for a new life? This documentary is the true story of Doug Bruce. A man who does just that – not by choice – once he develops an unusual form of Amnesia. His old friend – who Doug doesn’t remember as such – teams up with him to document his new life. His new life involves interacting with friends and family for the first time, visiting the ocean for the first time, and feeling the emotion of love for the first time. It is an adjustment for everyone involved in Doug’s life as old friends and family mourn the loss of the old Doug and wonder if he will ever get his memories back.

This doc sparked controversy in the US upon its release with doubts of the film’s authenticity swirled around the main character’s amnesia. All I have to say to that accusation is – Did you watch the movie? Did you see the real emotion coming from all involved?

Compared to other documentaries – a lot of attention was paid to the audio – not just the musical soundtrack but the sound fx as well. I felt confused and over whelmed at the same time as Doug.

I’m actually so excited about the film that I can’t think straight. I really just loved it in its entirety. I need to note that this was the first movie both Katy and I insisted we pause for bathroom breaks. I didn’t take a nap in the middle or find myself wandering in thought as we watched.

If anyone knows Mr. Murray – please forward the following message …. I love you and I want to interview you for Doc and a Drink. —becky

5 out of 5 Cheers.

YEAHHHHHHH a good one.

I’m looking forward to his new documentary The End of the LIne
Released in June 2009.




One Reply to “Do you know who you are? > DOC of the WEEK”

  1. I *LOVED* this film. High concept, good storytelling, and, yes, we actually paused it during bathroom breaks because we didn’t want to miss a thing. I think it’s a movie I want to buy and watch again and again. Days later I can’t stop thinking about it. What if I had to meet loved ones, family and friends as strangers? What if I didn’t remember the things that have made me laugh, or friends’ weddings, or the children I have known? What if I had the chance to choose who I wanted to be with a blank slate? What if I could meet people with absolutely no preconceived notions of who they are? What if I could listen to music and eat food and discover it all for the first time?

    (And, seriously, if I was going to do that, can I please wake up as a rich dude who had already “retired” and had plenty of time and money to indulge in all the new stuff I was learning?)

    Altogether an amazing film that was both enjoyable and left the viewer with a new view of their life.

    5 of 5 cheers



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