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Oops - Wine Photo

DRINK OF THE WEEK: oops – Cabernet Franc Carmenere


Reviewer: Becks

The wine was a steal at less than 10.00 at Target.  I am most definately going to grab a few bottles to have as my “beamer table wine”.  It’s a nice simple taste that goes with everything.  I’m not a wine specialist but I do know what wine I can drink on a regular basis – this wine makes the list.  I would bring it to a dinner party or drink a glass alone on my roof.with dinner any night of the week.  Tasty!

The “oops” website suggest that we pair this wine with ” full-bodied meat and game dishes, and other hearty fare such as gratins, baked pasta, ragouts, vegetable strews, and soups”.  BUT, Katy and I paired this wine with dark chocolate and strawberries – fantastic.  I thouroughly enjoyed the wine and the food.

On a side note – the packaging is brilliant and fresh.

5 out of 5 Cheers

One Reply to “oops : I meant to do that! > Drink Review”

  1. Now you know, I’m not a wine person, I’m really a beer girl. But I was pretty happy about this wine. Very drinkable, was great with chocolate and had a nice dry finish. I agree with you on a good solid wine to bring to dinner parties and have with my weekly spaghetti dinner. Unfortunately, it’s still not beer.

    3 out of 5 cheers


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