Wow! What a day. P.S. Filmmakers Gini Reticker & Abigail Disney ROCK.

A flurry of fantastic events today –

We interviewed the filmmakers of “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” at their screening of the film at the National Press Club. Director Gini Reticker and Producer Abigail Disney took some time out to sit down and hang out with us for a little break during their screening.  And we are really honored they took the time out.

This was our first video interview – and we should have it edited and posted on the site soon.  But I’m so excited about the interview – I wanted to rush home and share the highlights.  Some of the take home thoughts shared with us –

1. The purpose of documentary film – to tell amazing untold stories and share that knowledge with the world.  I mean, that’s why I love it – to hear these engaging women tell it to you reminds me again why I love documentaries.

2. We have a habit of thinking of women as collateral damage in war.  “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” showed women who started a peace movement in Liberia – and helped to stop a civil war that was ruining their country.  This was a chance to show that they were part of the war experience – that it had a real impact on their lives and WOMEN are part of the solution.

3. Let’s think for a second –  what if women were 50% of the negotiating table?  Were 50% of the leaders of the world?  I feel like I need to digest that possibility for a while.

4. This needed to be a film – because seeing something on film has the effect of making it real.  Stories had been written about what the women in the film had accomplished, but nothing makes it REAL like seeing it in film.  And that’s the power of filmmaking.

Offhand – can I gush for a second?  How often do you get to sit down with people who create works that move you? – and ask them whatever you can think up?   That’s such an awesome thing.  And I have to gush about these ladies because I was utterly blown away by them.  I was completely unprepared for how much I did not want the interview to end. My sincere appreciation to them and to the National Press Club for hosting.




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