Weekly Doc Review: Dear Zachary – a Letter to a Son about his Father

 documentary becky beamer Doc and a Drink DOCUMENTARY : Dear Zachary : a Letter to a Son about his Father

DIRECTOR: Kurt Kuenne

REVIEWED BY:  becky beamer

This documentary is  rated 4.5/5 starts on Netflicks.  Are the Netflicks reviewers right?  Should I watch this flick even though I’m not drawn to the “topic”?

The film summary just seemed like another Dateline Murder Story – and I’ve seen enough of those.  But I was  haunted by the Netflicks high rating for weeks.

Finally, I rented it.

And now – I can’t say enough good things about this film and the filmmaker who made this film happen.  It’s been built from a place of Love and Admiration.  Kurt Kuenne is Andrew Bagby’s dear friend who re-caps the story of his life and death after he is murdered by a psycho ex-girlfriend.  This story has murder – 2 major twist – and government corruption.

Read more here.

I highly recommend this film for everyone that has friends and family.  I walked away appreciating each and everyone one of them and the time I spend with each person.

It didn’t gloss over the secrets  hidden in the victims closet or the gruesome details of murder.  It was extremely honest and beautiful in its extreme detail.  Only a close friend or family member could include the intricacies of his childhood – relationships – and media included in this film.

This documentary included archive video from his childhood – photos form all time sin his life – and newspaper articles.  It added audio from phone calls – police stills – and 16mm recres.  I haven’t seen a film so complete in research.  Every possible person in his life form childhood to college to adulthood was interviewed.  It was edited together at a pace that makes a viewer feel like a family member experiencing the lose of a close friend.  The time spent on the soundtrack/sound effects and complicated story arc is nothing short of amazing.

Seriously – I laughed – I almost cried – and I got angry.  It’s a  the most powerful roller coaster of emotion and well written/editted story that I have seen in a very long time.  Until future notice – this doc eased its way into the top 3 of all time.

5 out of 5 Cheers

Watch it!



5 Replies to “Weekly Doc Review: Dear Zachary – a Letter to a Son about his Father”

  1. So I finally watched this and I had to keep stopping it b/c I was screaming mad (literally yelling at the TV). You must watch Dear Zachary. You will be touched, appalled,saddened and absolutely infuriated. You will wish that Shirley had been the one shot in the face and may be willing to do it yourself (you’ll se what
    I mean). None of the government officials got anywhere near enough punishment to satisfy me, but U guess that’s how it always goes.


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