Drink of the Week > It’s All GOLD!!

 documentary becky beamer Doc and a Drink www.beckybeamer.com

DRINK : Johnny Walker – Gold  (* On the rocks )

REVIEWER: becky b

I love Johnny Walker.

Mostly, I drink Johnny Walker -Red with Ginger Ale.  It’s a great drink.  Just a little bit of Ginger Ale smooths out the whiskey while adding a sweet “twang” to the drink.  Easy and complicated all at the same time.  What more do you want?  I was quite satisfied with this drink …..

Until this weekend.

Now – I must invest in some Johnny Walker – Gold.  I’ll sip it with a few ice cubes weekly – to calm the chaos of the rest of my day.  Nice and smooth – smokey – it could practically double as a perfume to attract the male persuasion.

5 out of 5 Cheers

Splurge for the Gold!



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