Drink Review: Manny’s Pale Ale in Seattle


You may or may not have noticed that I have not been blog-contributing much.  I’ve been traveling quite a bit on my current assignment (cause sometimes we get lucky enough get to go out and make documentaries too!)  Most of this trip was on the West Coast.

My favorite city we visited was Seattle. What’s not to like?!  Amazing fresh from the ocean seafood!  Fantastic coffee!  And BEER!  Such great local BEER!!  Usually when shooting, you are on set for about 12 hours.  This was true for most of the days, but one magic day, the shoot ended early, and my crew and I were able to take an evening and sample some of the local brews. (We also ate a feast of fresh halibut, the most amazing mussels ever, and delicious seafood soup…but this is a drinking blog)

So at the historic Virginia Inn we lined up a selection of local beers and voted for our favorites.   Our favorite was Manny’s Pale Ale. As the local Georgetown Beer Brewery says, this is one “Darn tasty beer.”

I’m traditionally more of a lager drinker, but hoppier beer is becoming more and more interesting to me lately.  And this beer was great.  It’s nothing like an IPA, and I couldn’t even compare it to everyone’s standard Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Manny’s Pale Ale lures you in with a hoppy, fresh, almost citrus flavor to it, and pares amazingly well with dinner.  Its both drinkable and complex. And is probably my favorite beer I’ve had to drink this month. Just talking about it makes me long for Seattle.

Five out of five cheers

5 Replies to “Drink Review: Manny’s Pale Ale in Seattle”

  1. It’s always refreshing to meet women who can appreciate good beer. It seems to me that usually when a woman says to me she doesn’t like beer it’s because all she’s tried are the domestic boring ones: Bud, Miller, etc.

    It takes a palette sensitive to spice, flavors and other sensory input to really notice what is going on in some of the more complex beers these days. I have slowly graduated from porters and stouts to seriously hoppy ales. [Green Flash from San Diego is amazingly hoppy and yet still balanced].

    Over the Labor Day weekend I spent time at DogFish Head’s original brewpub in Rehoboth and met a woman from Pittsburgh who was a Great beer enthusiast.


  2. Greetings Mr. Hong,

    I contacted the Georgetown Beer Brewery to inquire about your question. Lisa, the excellent retail manager of the brewery, said that unfortunately, they are too small a brewery at this time to sell out of state.

    “We are actually a small company and are producing as fast as we can just to keep up with the local demand. It’s going to be sometime before we expand out to new states.”

    So it looks like for the moment we’ll all just be forced to travel more often to Seattle!

    Thanks for reading!



  3. Hey Katy – thanks for the props! Always fun for me to hear how folks discover our beer. I’m glad you liked it. Lisa is fantastic! I’ll pass on your complement.



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