Event > the GV Expo 2009 – Washington D.C

Government Expo  documentary becky beamer Doc and a Drink

I had the opportunity to go as “press” to the GV Expo 2009 today as an official “press” representative.  It took place at the DC Convention Center. Today  was  the last day in its 3 day run.  The Expo was worth my time so I want to urge all DC/VA/MD locals to sign up and join me next year.  The exhibit area was even FREE to the general public.

Government Expo  documentary becky beamer Doc and a Drink

Here are the highlights …….

The Convention and Expo staff were extremely friendly and helpful.   The area was clean and spacious.  I usually feel cramped by a crowd environment but this set up was refreshing.

I went to 3 seminars aimed towards a range of  the advanced FCP and the novice podcaster.

1. From Expert to Master : Advanced Techniques for FCp – I really liked this seminar.  I never felt bored or tired.  The speaker had a clear voice and moved at a speedy pace.  I learned plenty of new tricks and learned Government Expo  documentary becky beamer Doc and a Drinkabout featured that I don’t use regularly.  This seminar was not for the beginner for sure as the speaker pushed through beginner issues.

2. Creating a Graphic Identity for your Web Video – I didn’t stay for the entire hour.  The topic wasn’t extremely helpful to me but it was for those making marketing or branding products.  However, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to the crowd (of only about 15 people).

3. Make Video Searchable on the Web – This seminar highlights the Adobe Premiere Pro option for “Speech Translation” available on CS4.   I found this seminar extremely interesting.  I like that the speaker was to the point and extremely knowledgeable.  She completed the demonstration in 30 minutes which left about 30 minutes for questions ranging form AE to FCP to PP.  She provided her notes to the class and her website with additional information : www.videotrainers.com .

I missed a few seminars on other days that I am sure I would have enjoyed like : Creating Great Titles in FCP, DC Podcast Alliance Meeting, Trouble Shooting FCP.

The exhibit area was packed with vendors.  There were products, organizations and companies for individuals and large companies.  I walked away with many booklets and magazines.

I am super excited about the new Panasonic 3D HD technology and the GY-HM100 JVC camera.  It is also nice to see that the DC film and television community is getting more active with both WIFV and the DC Film Alliance having a strong presence at the Expo.

Noticeably missing from the Expo was Sony although BOTH AVID and FCP were represented.  And the studentfilmmakers.com booth was also missing.

There was even a “give away” raffle at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything.

5 out 5 Cheers


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