Drink Review : Mystery Wine

DRINK: The “blush” or “red” wine offered at your local Chuck E. Cheese
REVIEWER: b.beamer

Let me set the scene. It is my birthday but, not just any birthday, I am turning 30. And as I enter the dirty thirties I am nostalgic about birthdays of past. I immediately thought about the fun of Chuck E. Cheese. Yes!!!! Tokens !!! I always loved a good game of skeetball and who doesn’t remember the fun of counting tickets, pizza, and hitting defenseless groundhogs. The deal was sealed when I found out that this great establishment also served alcohol (beer + wine).

What a perfect combo of kids, alcohol and 30 year olds.

I wanted beer but they were completely out. I settled for wine.  Between white and red I picked red – which was actually blush (see attached photo).  I could only drink it when chased with 2 bites of greasy pizza.  So bad to even describe the taste – Just bad.

The story goes down hill from that moment.  I spent at least an hour accumulating tickets and then 2 of my friends handed their tickets to me. I thought I was rich in tickets – 364 tickets! That only got me 4 temp tattoos and 1 jelly bracelet. Awwwww not what I remembered for prizes.

Birthday Recommendation – Go to a bar.  If you don’t believe me – Find your local Chuck E. Cheese and Coupons at :  http://www.chuckecheese.com/locations/

1 out of 5 Cheers

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