Doc&aDrink Resolutions 2010

Greetings and Salutations in the New Year and I hope the winter is treating you right.

Becky and I have taken a little breather from Doca&aDrink the past month or so to spend some time with our families, recover from illness (her) and injury (me), and talk about the directions we want this little blog to take in the year to come. Keeping this blog is even more fun than we thought it would be when we first started, and we’re looking to do some new things in the New Year.

Thought I’d share with you our goals for the New Year….

1. At least one new blog post every week.

2. Once a month we’ll report on an event – a film festival, a beer tasting, a night out at the movie. There’s a ton of Doc&aDrink related activities across D.C. to enjoy and we’d love to help get the readers involved.

3. Increase comments by 20%. That means we need our readers to get involved! Let us know what you think and what posts you enjoy.

4. Restructure the blog to improve aesthetics, make it easier to post, and include better photography on the site.

This is definitely more work than we realized at first, but we’re committed – so hold onto your hats everyone!

Happy New Year!


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