Triple your beer fun –

Becky & I headed to RFD (Regional Food & Drink) in Chinatown to find a beer to go with our viewing of Bigger, Stronger, Faster I love RFD because there are a thousand beers on tap, and even though it’s always busy, you don’t feel penned in – you can almost always find space to actually hang out with your friends. It’s a great place to go after seeing a movie. And beer enjoyment is encouraged.

Exterior of RFD (c) Katy Jones

We try to review a movie & drink combo once a week. Last week our movie was “Bigger, Faster, Stronger.” Our accompanying beer we decided must also embody the qualities of “Bigger, Faster….” and obviously that meant ordering the most alcoholic beer on the menu.

At a whopping 10% ABV, The Clipper City Brand’s Belgian Tripel Ale (not a misspelling), is a whole lotta beer. It has a reddish, even colour, and a spicy flavor that’s followed by an almost sweet finish. It was a very satisfying beer. And we only needed one.

Unfortunately, it appears that this beer was a small batch release, and is likely to be gone soon. However, local Baltimore Brewery Clipper City seems like it has a lot more delciousness in store for us. (It also appears they are changing their name to High Seas) Looking forward to trying more tasty well-crafted beers in the New Year!

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