Doc of the Week: A Music Doc

FILM: The GITS Movie
REVIEWER: Becky Beamer

The rousing and heartbreaking story of Seattle band The Gits, whose promising start was cut short by the tragic murder of spirited lead singer Mia Zapata.

I run into tons and tons of music documentaries.  I usually run the other way as fast as possible but – this Doc was rated 4.5 stars on my Netflicks que.

The Gits  documentary becky beamer Doc and a Drink

After watching it – I know why the doc got a high rating – the only people who rated this film were friends and family of the artist.

Unfortunately, this documentary just came across as a glorified memorial.  I was looking for a murder mystery and instead I  was bored to death.  I learned about The Gits history as a band for the first 75 minutes of the film.  I was also disappointed by the surprising lack of quality archival video and photos of Mia throughout the film.  The family and The Gits were involved in the doc – so what happened?  I don’t know….

Is that too harsh? sorry.  I mean no ill will towards anyone related to the band.  I did enjoy The Gits music – so – go buy some Gits Singles on iTunes when you have a chance.

AND – If I haven’t scared you away – learn more on the movie’s website:

1 out of 5 Cheers.



One Reply to “Doc of the Week: A Music Doc”

  1. Much appreciation for your jumping on the grenade on that one, Becks. I agree with your feeling on the music doc genre – typically made for a built-in niche audience without much attention paid to the value of the filmmaking – sounds like this one fits in. Too bad, would have been nice to watch if it had been good. Maybe that would be a good list post? Music documentaries that don’t suck?

    There’s a Pixies documentary I wanted to watch that’s coming up in my queue…maybe it’ll be better?


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