Beer Wars (Lite edition)

This week’s drink entry was inspired by the documentary Beer Wars, which Becky reviewed a few weeks ago.  In the film, the host asks folks at a bar who swear they have a favorite Lite beer, to taste the light beer and identify it.  Choices – Coors Light, Miller Lite and Bud Lite.  People sucked at it.   They claimed all three beers tasted identical and they had a really hard time finding their favorite.

In the interests of seeing if its true, Becky and I conducted our own test. One person would be blindfolded while the other poured out three beers A,B, C .

Once the blindfold is off, taster has to decide a) if they can tell which beer is which and b) put a star by the one they liked the best.

What we learned – in case there was any doubt – those three beers do taste remarkably alike.   We each got two out three wrong.  We couldn’t really tell the difference between the Miller Lite and Bud Light – we both ID’ed the Coors correctly – I said it sucked the worst, and Becky said it was the best of the three.  So I’d call that a wash.  But we generally agreed that drinking them was a complete waste of calories because they all pretty much sucked.

However, there are times when life calls for a light beer, times when you want a beer flavored drink without the nasty side effects of taste or high alcohol content.  Say, if you were playing beer pong– in which case taste will only slow down the chug factor and too much alcohol would probably kill you…Or if you are playing poker, and you like the IDEA of having a beer, but too much drunkenness will cause you to lose money.

In these instances we highly recommend buying whichever one is cheaper, because the difference in taste is so minute its atomical.

One out of Five for the Lite beers

–Katy J.

3 Replies to “Beer Wars (Lite edition)”

  1. The Lite Beer test is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I got 1 out of 3 right and I think that was just dumb luck. I also got the one beer I thought I would definitely be able to identify wrong. Apparently Light beer is entirely mental.


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