180 Degrees South – An *%@! Cool Journey to Nowhere in Particular

FILM REVIEW: 180 Degrees South

FILMMAKER: Chris Malloy

REVIEWER: Kathleen B. Jones

So, I finally got around to watching 180 Degrees South, which I’d been told I had to watch by like everyone I knew.  Basic storyline, in the 60s & 70s this group of dirtbag climbing, surfing, outdoor adventure hippy dudes drove their VW van to Patagonia and nearly lost their shit at how cool it was.  They made some pretty cool home movies of the experience.  Then this other guy in the old 2000’s decides that looked pretty cool he wanted to try it too and to keep the journey difficult (read: good for moviemaking) he decided to go as a crewmember on a boat.  Boat gets stuck in all kinds of weird spots, including a little stop on Easter Island where he just “happens” to pick up an equally hippie chick surfer Easter Island native that plays a really expensive guitar at “impromptu” campfires.  So he gets to Patagonia, meets up with his adventure buddies (who decided to “authentically” drive/fly/get there in some other means than one that would be good for moviemaking).

His buddies just happen to be one of the world’s best surfers and one of the world’s best climbers.  Adventure awaits!  They meet up with those original dirtbag kids from the 70s, who are now officially old dudes – and who are ALSO the heads of North Face and Patagonia and who have a non-profit to save Patagonia.

Even though this moive ends up in Patagonia, it takes forever to get there, and it’s all wandery and wavy and sometiems really obvious in attempts to creatue situations that would create good footage.

All that being said…This film is seriously the most inspirational get your butt off the couch and explore the wide world and holy shit and I want to do that and I think I’m going to just become a climber and flip burgers for a living so I can climb more movie that you’ve ever ever ever seen.  It’s so F*in cool.  The footage is phenomenal, and the physical prowess of the dudes on the screen makes you really feel like you’ve been wasting your life on a computer.  So cool.

–4 out of 5 cheers.

Katy J.


2 Replies to “180 Degrees South – An *%@! Cool Journey to Nowhere in Particular”

  1. I might have to watch this one! I can’t believe you are keeping up with the blog crazy international traveler on a boat. I miss you and I’ll be adding to the blog this week witha little inspiration of my own 🙂



  2. I cheated a little bit, I watched a whole bunch of movies before I left on this shoot. I’m posting right now from International waters. Can’t wait to hear what you’re seeing in New Zealand!


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