Short list of UNfinishable DOCS

There are very few documentaries that I can’t finish.  Yeah, sometimes I take a quick cat nap in the middle or start and stop the DVD so I don’t lose my mind BUT there are very few that I don’t finish.  These are a few of the recent UNFINISHABLE.

Please – feel free to add to this list!


Filmmaker: Elliot BerlinJoe Fab

Description: Whitwell Middle School in rural Tennessee is the setting for this documentary about an extraordinary experiment in Holocaust education. Struggling to grasp the concept of 6 million Holocaust victims, the students decide to collect 6 million paper clips to better understand the enormity of the calamity. The film details how the students met Holocaust survivors from around the world and how the experience transformed them and their community.

Review: Try it if you dare.  The cute quaintness is deafening. The paperclip program is interesting – for an article – not a doc.  The documentary was irritating and bland.  The music was over the top.

1 out 5 Cheers.


Filmmaker: Kenneth A. Carlson

description: In the blue-collar Ohio town of Massillon, the most important thing is high school football — and the frenzy around the local team, the Tigers, is almost cult-like. Former Massillon resident Kenneth Carlson’s documentary follows the three stars of the 1999 Tigers team as they deal with problems such as personal injuries and the pressures of their economically depressed town’s high expectations.

Review:  I wanted to like this doc.  I grew up “around the corner” – Sorry Ohio.  The camera work was terrible – at points unwatchable.  I sat through about half waiting for the story to improve and waiting to care about the characters. Nothing.

Note: It’s rated “R” too – seriously.  I thought – this HAS to be good.  It’s made for adults! Let me know if you dare.

1 out 5 Cheers.


Filmmaker: Jonathan Berman

Description: In 1968, Elsa and Richard Marley founded an alternative-living community in the remote Northern California wilderness with the motto “Free Land for Free People.” This film tells the story of that intended utopia. Through archival footage and interviews with former residents, director Jonathan Berman explores the problems and realities of communal living and the evolution of a community that endured FBI harassment, cult leadership and more.

Review: Surprisingly, this is the best of the worst.  It includes some interesting archival footage and covers a topic that’s interesting since I know absolutely nothing about communes.  I think it was just too long.  If the doc was a 30 minute short – my final review would be different.

1 out 5 Cheers.

Reviewer: Becky Beamer


One Reply to “Short list of UNfinishable DOCS”

  1. Dude – a great idea for a list post. I’ve had “Paperclips” on my to-watch list for a while – and not gotten to it. Now, I want to give it a try just to see if it’s as unwatchable as you say. I’ll let you know!


    Katy J.


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