Where has all the drinking gone?

I must confess — I’m disappointed in myself for not keeping up the “drink” part of the Doc&aDrink name.  It’s not because I haven’t been drinking anything.  In fact – since I’m in a new country (New Zealand) – I’ve been drinking all sorts of new beers, wines and spirit combinations.  Katy isn’t here to review the drinks with me and drink reviews are more fun together.  BUT – the show must go on!

This review goes with my last doc review – American Teen.  Truth be told – I actually watched the movie all snuggled up in bed – on a sunday morning.  So – technically – the movie was paired with coffee. BUT, for the sake of bringing the DRINK back in Doc&aDrink – I paired the doc with a Kiwi Paradise Cocktail.


It’s healthy (2 whole kiwis were used).

It’s easy to drink and looks pretty.

Perfect for the high-school girls.

Correction: High-school girls shouldn’t be old enough to drink at all.

They Should substitute the alcohol for juice.

5 out of 5 Cheers.

—becky beamer

One Reply to “Where has all the drinking gone?”

  1. I was looking around for doc recommendations and stumbled upon your blog. Looks like we have a similar thing going on! I may have you give that kiwi drink a try.


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