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I’m all about experiencing Silverdocs.  It’s simply a great community event.  Sometimes I feel like jumping into the sold out screenings and sometimes I like to go to the less popular events.  One of those events is the FREE lunch screenings.

What are you doing for lunch?  You could be multi-tasking.  These shorts are lovely.  Most of them are well done and under appreciated by the masses.

Shorts Programs at AFI Silver during Lunchtime (noon): FREE

WED / June 22 @ Noon

THUR / June 23 @ Noon

FRI / June 24 @ Noon

*It’s a different group of shorts everyday!

(just walk in and ask for a ticket – I walked in 10 minutes early without a problem.)

For more information:


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Katy and I attended the “Our City Film Festival” Opening party last night.

The musician – Christylz Bacon –  played a set and he was unbelievable. Seriously – check out his website:












Stella sponsored the event and the beer was flowing nicely…












5 out of 5 Cheers.


— becky beamer

Doc & a Drink is going to the “Our City Film Festival”.  Our first stop is the opening night party tomorrow (Saturday). It’s open to the public — Join us!

It’s at RFD’s (810 7th St, NW) and everyone knows RFD’s has an excellent beer selection.  Katy and I will be interviewing some of the local documentary filmmakers.  It’s going to be a blast.  It’s only 12.00 and all the money from the festival goes back into the organization.  Buy your tickets online – they will sell out! See you there (8-11pm).

**** Celebrate the opening of the film festival with filmmakers and VIPs.

Enjoy beer specials, great raffle give-aways, and performances by

Grammy nominee, Arts and Humanities Council of Washington grantee

and subject of past OCFF film, Blue Line

Then – this Sunday – is the main event.  The films are all about D.C. The festival is only on Sunday, at The Goethe Institute (812 7th St, NW).  For ticket information and a full schedule check the website:

AND – just added — is the closing event with the D.C Cupcake Girls…

Georgetown Cupcakes’ Sophie and Katherine will be special guests,

screening TLC’s Second Season of DC Cupcakes,Our City

hosting a Q&A, and cupcake decorating contest at the finale.

ONLY 10.00 to attend.  Buy tickets here.


5 out of 5 Cheers.

-becky beamer

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Doc & a Drink is very excited to be included in a press screening for the “Our City” Film Festival.  We are getting a sneak peek on Thur but everyone else can go to the events next weekend.

It’s all about community.  The Fourth Annual Our City Film Festival at The Goethe Institute will screen award-winning films that capture all facets of DC including music culture, community gardening, sports and race relations.  All proceeds from the festival go toward Yachad’s programming.  Yachad (meaning together in Hebrew) works to bring communities together through service.

I encourage everyone to mark their calendar.

SAT & SUN Feb. 12th & 13th

The Goethe Institute / 812 7th St NW


NOTE:   Docs DO go well with beer!  Opening Night Party at R.F.D.’s will showcase musical performances by Christylez Bacon and

other surprise guests.

FILM: Jean-Michel Basquiat : Radiant Child

FILMMAKER: Tamra Davis

REVIEWER: Becky Beamer

I’ve been on an artist roll – watching documentaries related to artist for the past couple of weeks.  First, it was the Banksy’s Film – Exit through the Gift Shop.  Then I started a film called How to Draw a Bunny (coming soon) and this installment of an artist’s doc is Jean-Michel Basquiat: Radiant CHild .

My day began rainy and behind schedule.  I needed coffee (which is my drink of choice for this movie).  As I walked to the cinema (another day at the Dunedin Film Festival) I had a wishy-washy feeling about another documentary covering the life of another famed artist. After all, I already know a lot about the artist – Basquiat.  He’s awesome.  I respect him and find him down right inspiring.  So – the rainy movie day won out and despite me hesitation I went to the film.

The opening blew me away.  It obviously had an extreme about of detail and precision put into the visuals, the words and the music.  I was immediately impressed – spot on.  The timing was as close to perfect as I’ve seen.  I have nothing bad to say about the opening.

The story is familiar – and other than a couple little facts that Basquiat’s friends interjected throughout the film – there wasn’t too much to learn as a biography.  However, I did learn a lot about Basquiat’s progression of style from friends and colleagues point of view which felt intimate.  I like to learn about his intimate relationships as well.  He is always intense.

The entire movie is complemented by the filmmaker’s home videos.  She was a young film student when she met and started hanging out with Basquiat in LA.  The footage includes B Roll of  Basquiat painting, hanging around, and getting interviewed.  It was beautiful – simple – and honest.  It is THE reason to watch this film.

I left the theater that day very quiet – in contemplation.  I wanted to think and draw.

It’s 5:10 pm.

I need supplies.

The art store closed – only open until 5pm 😦 

5 out of 5 Cheers.

—— b.b

The D.C area’s best documentary Film Festival and arguably one of the most anticipated events of the year invades Silver Spring next week.

Everyone should take advantage of the access to the hippest – hottest and hard to find docs.  Check out the long – the short and the conferences.

And, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Doc & a Drink will be giving the weekly play by play as official bloggers of the festival.

Bookmark these blogs for the inside scoop:

Inside Scoop of the Week: Many of the evening shows are selling out. Buy your tickets today online!

Highlighted Doc of the Week: MEN WHO SWIM

I’m really looking forward to a doc that features Men Synchronize Swimming.  To learn more check out my blog for SilverDocs.

Cheers and Beers — becky

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The Silverdocs are coming, the Silverdocs are coming!  The documentary community in D.C. gets a shot of adrenaline every June when one of the world’s best documentary film festivals opens at the AFI Theater in Silver Spring.  Becks and I are counting down till our moment to rub elbows with filmmakers and critique our little hearts out.  A whole film festival dedicated to documentaries, right in our hometown…yes!

This year’s Guggenheim winner is Frederick Wiseman.  This is the big honor of the festival given to an Important Documentary Filmmaker.  It’s the big deal.  And among the other events, one of the major Silverdocs screenings that will be massively difficult to get into will be the special screening honoring his prolific career.

I looked through his list of over thirty films and humbly realized that I haven’t seen a single one of them. How embarrassing.  What will I say to everyone I run into at doc events who will be talking about him?  Quick note on to do list – Must. Watch. Frederick. Wiseman.

And in the meantime, I turn to one of my favorite filmmakers – Errol Morris – who had a recent blog post about the illustrious Frederick Wiseman.  And makes him sound like not just an illustrious filmmaker, but an interesting, surreal, and perhaps irreverant one too.

Frederick Wiseman’s Best Scenes by Errol Morris.

Frederick Wiseman is Found at Zipporah Films.

–Katy J.

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