Going International – U.A.E

I am returning to the Doc & a Drink blog as I travel to a new space.  I am working in the United Arab Emirates as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the American University of Sharjah.  I think this is a good opportunity to speak the word about art & media here.  There is a lot of growth in the arts in UAE. And you get to experience this growth with me.

Interview with the Filmmakers : Community Harvest

Katy and I had the chance to interview the two brothers who were the masterminds behind the Community Harvest film (9 min 30 sec).  It’s a local film about a community that started a garden in Columbia Heights.

Trailer Found Here: http://wn.com/Lance_Kramer

Lance & Brandon Kramer

I had to start with Doc & a Drink’s most notable question…

Q: If you had to match your film with a “drink” what would it be?

A: Stone Soup. They weren’t sure if that would be an acceptable answer but, it was… It was the meal served at the opening of the local garden highlighted in the film.  For those who don’t know – stone soup is made in a giant “cauldron”.  You throw in all kinds of vegetables like carrots and onions with broth and simmer.  In this case the vegetables were all locally grown.

Since they DID serve the soup in mugs – I think it counts as a “drink”.

Q: So – how did you break up the “work”?

A: Both brothers looked at each other and made it clear that they split up the work – sometimes Lance filmed and sometimes it was Brandon.  They both directed the film but, neither edited.  That credit goes to Cameron King.  He actually had 2 films in the “Our City Film Festival”.

Can’t get enough of the brothers?

Find out more on their website: http://meridianhillpictures.com/index.php/about

Or check out the local art center where they both volunteer: http://www.sitarartscenter.org/faculty-list-digital-arts

5 out of 5 Cheers

—- Becky Beamer

The New Theater in Town. West End Cinema.

If you haven’t heard – there’s a new theater in my town.  And it ain’t no traditional multiplex.  It’s an art cinema – do you know what that means?  IT SHOWS DOCUMENTARIES!!!! In addition to other indie art films, this theater has a quite impressive line-up of documentaries, and it’s only its first month in existence.

Conveniently located at 23rd and M Street NW, Washington, DC – West End Cinema promises to help enrich the local art film scene.  We went out to see a film there last weekend and I loved it.  A nice, intimate feeling – fancy beers on tap, friendly service, and oh yeah, documentaries on screen.  Sweet.

I still love E Street Cinema, and it remains to be seen if the market can hold two art movie houses in one town, but I have faith.  We are DC.  We like our entertainment smart.  We like our local businesses healthy.  We are one of the largest documentary film communities in the country.  I can’t wait to see more movies!

–Rock it.

–Five out of five cheers

–Kathleen Jones (Katy J.)

Stay tuned!

The idea behind this site is simple.  The authors are Katy Jones and Becky Beamer – and we like documentaries.  We like talking about them, we like thinking about them, and we like talking to other people about them.  We are documentary filmmakers ourselves and longtime colleagues and while we are good friends, we rarely agree on much.  When we get together we inevitably talk about docs and working on docs and thoroughly enjoy disagreeing over a beer.  So we decided to blog about it.  Each week, one of us reviews a documentary and a drink – and each week, the other gets to comment on it.  And we invite you to comment as well.  Have you seen the film?  Do you want to?  Do you like/hate that beer we recommended?  Would you rather watch kung fu movies?  Do you have a recommendation?   We’ll delete anything profane, you know, cause it’s our blog like that, but otherwise, we like a good discussion!