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That’s great!  We welcome collaboration.  Please email us with a personal website, CV, and work samples.

invite Doc & a Drink to an Event?

We are looking to book up our schedule with fun – related events.  Please email us with press    contact and event information.

send us your documentary or drink for review?

Please email us with your documentary summary or product information with a contact.  We will be in touch with an address.

be an intern for Doc & a Drink?

Please forward your resume if you are interested in summer placement.

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One Reply to “Contact”

  1. I wanted to share the trailer of my documentary with you guys for your thoughts and input. This is my first documentary and its titled The Forgotten Defenders. This is the battle cry of one man who embarks on a cross country journey with the most heavily armed motorcycle on the planet. His goal to help raise awareness of the plight of his homeless Vet brothers and to try and raise funds to help make difference. Below is the trailer. Thanks for your time and consideration and looking forward to your earliest positive response.


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