Stay tuned!

The idea behind this site is simple.  The authors are Katy Jones and Becky Beamer – and we like documentaries.  We like talking about them, we like thinking about them, and we like talking to other people about them.  We are documentary filmmakers ourselves and longtime colleagues and while we are good friends, we rarely agree on much.  When we get together we inevitably talk about docs and working on docs and thoroughly enjoy disagreeing over a beer.  So we decided to blog about it.  Each week, one of us reviews a documentary and a drink – and each week, the other gets to comment on it.  And we invite you to comment as well.  Have you seen the film?  Do you want to?  Do you like/hate that beer we recommended?  Would you rather watch kung fu movies?  Do you have a recommendation?   We’ll delete anything profane, you know, cause it’s our blog like that, but otherwise, we like a good discussion!

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