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Freedom Riders | PBS

The story behind a courageous band of civil rights activists called Freedom Riders who in 1961 challenged segregation in the American South.

* This documentary recently played to a sold out crowd in DC * Now, Everyone can watch and enjoy.  PBS has a great interactive website and WATCH entire film online FREE ! *

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WGBH American Experience . Freedom Riders | PBS.


Doc News > Baseball + Ken Burns

Don’t miss Ken Burn’s follow-up to Baseball (1994 – PBS).   If his name sounds familiar he is responsible for many super popular doc series on PBS including The Civil War, The War and Jazz.

On September  28th & 29th – PBS will Air The Tenth Inning. So, mark your calendars for another All American experience focusing on the 1990’s to today.


Something I learned about Ken Burns on Wiki:

Burns often gives life to still photographs by slowly zooming in on subjects of interest and panning from one subject to another. For example, in a photograph of a baseball team, he might slowly pan across the faces of the players and come to rest on the player the narrator is discussing.

This effect, present in many professional and home software applications, was affectionately named “The Ken Burns Effect” in Apple Inc.‘s iPhoto and iMovie software applications. It also figures in the 6th-generation iPod interface in the cover art of the main menu.

Don’t forget to top off your movie watching with a  Hot Dog and Beer —

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